Anthony Thompson


Evolution Catalyst • Visionary • Pioneer

Living in devotion to self-mastery and service.

I am a modern day guide in service to those of you who are here on this earth as pioneers, stewards and leaders of a new consciousness.

I am an eternal student of life as I continue to be guided by spirit through my own trials and initiations into my own authentic leadership and self-mastery. 

To the best of my ability, I seek to live my life as a demonstration of unconditional love and the great possibility of this universe. I document much of my life journey through media as a means to share this authentically with the world. 

I also have a great passion for innovation and business, creating various projects and initiatives the collective evolution of humanity. 



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Personal Mentorship

~ Support For Crossing The Threshold ~

Private mentoring is an accelerator for your future

My work is to help you cross the threshold into the next embodiment of yourself. 

These thresholds are something I have become profoundly accustomed to through my personal journey. 

Thresholds are portals to a new reality. Both inner and outer. 

These thresholds represent a welcoming of the new, and a shedding of the old. It is very easy to linger around a threshold for months (or years!) without actually crossing over. 

This is because these thresholds are a leap, which require courage and maturity. Our fears and attachments arise strongly (often subtly) and we avoid confronting them head on. 

Ironically, the crossing of this threshold will always and only bring you more of what you truly desire... on every level. 

That is the perfection of the universe. 

Whatever this threshold is symbolized as for you, whether this is bringing an inner vision to life, or opening up to a greater capacity of consciousness, love and intelligence, this is the doorway that is calling you to step through. 

My role is simply to guide and support you through this, and assist you in settling into to your new reality. 



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Awakened Leadership


The past years of my life have been an endeavour understand the nature and potential of our human consciousness.

It's been somewhat of an assignment  to explore, extract, and integrate discoveries of our human nature. 

I’ve journeyed the depths of consciousness within, tested out the universal laws of possibility, and faithfully said ‘yes’ to all that I’ve been invited forth into.

As a result of this vast exploration which resulted in the discovery of my own gifts and life purpose, I have found a profound capacity to provide direct guidance, mentorship and education for others who are also on the endeavour of discovering their human potential. 

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A New Paradigm of Business

A business in a vehicle in which one's own life purpose can be manifest and expressed.

That's it.

We each exist with purpose, and for most of us this relates to our own calling to affect a better humanity through our own unique gifts and design.

Previously, business has been a vehicle for one's own financial safety, time freedom or means of power. During which, the process of manifesting a product or service is filled with so much lack, scarcity and control that the final product isn't truly reflective of one's purest intention and purpose. 

The new paradigm of business is founded on purely expressing one's life purpose, leading from soul and embodying business practices that align with the highest integrity and authenticity.

Despite popular belief, this actually leads to success on all levels. As more and more people willingly demonstrate this new approach to business, so with it, more and more people see that it's a smart, safe, and all-out awesome approach to follow. 

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