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Serving leaders of a New Earth.

As a pioneer of this new human era, I am in service to those who are here on this earth as innovators and leaders of a new consciousness.

Through my own life journey, I have been blessed to discover simple ways in which we can access the dormant potential that lies within our DNA & re-connect with the wisdom of our soul to fulfil our higher calling. 

I am here to ignite the spark of inner transformation that catalyses ripples for years to come. 

Through personal guidance, private ceremonies and online courses, my calling is simple -- to ignite the dormant potential inside & guide you to become one with the essence of your soul. 


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Initiations Into Leadership

~ Walking The Courageous Path of Your Soul ~


The past few years of my life have been an endeavour to understand the nature of human potential and how to unlock the gifts of our dormant DNA.

It's been somewhat of an assignment  to explore, discover, and integrate higher frequencies of our human nature, whilst remaining grounded in the day-to-day life on earth. 

I’ve journeyed to new depths of consciousness, experimented with the universal laws of possibility, and courageously said ‘yes’ to countless initiations of my spirit.

As a result of this vast exploration, which connected me to my life's purpose and inner gifts, I have discovered a profound capacity to offer direct guidance, mentorship and education for others who are also on the endeavour of discovering their human and awakening their inner leadership. 

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Private Mentorship

~ Support For Crossing The Threshold ~

Private mentoring is an accelerator to your destiny potential

My work is to help you cross the threshold into the next evolution of your life & mission. 

These thresholds are points of great change and new beginnings.  

A threshold represents a welcoming of the new, and a shedding of the old. It is very easy to linger around a threshold for months (or years!) without actually making the leap for this new beginning. 

This is because these thresholds are a point of significant change, which requires courage and maturity. Our fears and attachments arise strongly  and we avoid confronting them head on. 

Ironically, the crossing of this threshold always and only brings more of what you truly desire... on every level of your life. 

That is the perfection of the universe. 

Whatever this next threshold is for you -- whether it is bringing an inner vision to life, or embodying a higher consciousness of love and intelligence, this is a new doorway that is calling you to step into more of yourself and your potential. 

My role as a guide and pioneer is to support you through this change, helping you make the inner and outer changes to move into a new phase of your human journey. 



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A New Path Of Business

~ Raising The Consciousness Of Entrepreneurship ~

I love business and truly wanted to understand how to create a business in harmony with the earth and my own soul. Here's what I can say...

"A business in a vehicle that allows a person's life purpose to be manifest and expressed in the world."

That's it.

We each exist with a unique purpose, and for most of us this is our own calling to support a better humanity and a harmonious world.

In the past, business has been a means for one's own financial safety, time freedom or means of attaining power.

The process of creating a product or service has been influenced by so much lack, scarcity and control that the final product is no longer reflecting the purest intention and purpose of the individual who created it. A business is missing its sacredness and true innovation. 

The new paradigm of business is based on purely expressing our life purpose, influenced by our soul and follows business principles that align with the highest integrity and authenticity.

Despite what you may think, this actually leads to success on all levels... including profit!

As more and more entrepreneurs willingly apply a new approach to business, more and more people will see that it's actually the truest, smartest and most enjoyable approach to follow. 

It's authentic. It's in harmony. It created real success. 

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Writings From My Heart

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