The Awake Man

Aug 14, 2019

"Below is a special piece of writing that outlines the transformational journey of myself as a man, as I've endeavoured to to discover who I really am and awaken the leader within me.

I share this with the intention for you to better understand your own life quest as a man and navigate the path that lies ahead.

My own life has been a profound journey to understand how each of us as men can free ourselves from the chains of social programming and redefine our lives based on the unique design and universal truth that lies within ."


We are all here on a journey

Whether we’ve realized it yet or not, we are all on a journey. From birth until now, life has been a never-ending discovery, experience and enquiry. The question is: have you discovered yet what your journey is all about? Have you recognised the purpose beneath it all? Have you followed the breadcrumbs of life, allowing yourself to be guided towards your greatest joy and your true destiny as a man?


My search

At 19 years old, I consciously started to follow some of these breadcrumbs. I was told not to, I was challenged by my friends and family, and I had to listen to the inner calling I felt, despite stepping into a very uncertain future.

Well, this was five years ago now… and you know what?

I’ve never stopped following this trail. I’ve just kept going.

All around the world, and all through the inner world.

I have said “yes” to life at every turn, every speed bump and danced with the many changing seasons I have undergone.

What I have learnt, discovered, embodied, realized, awoken to has been nothing short of indescribable.

Through all of this, I have been initiated as a man, and been revealed my purpose in this lifetime.

And that brings me here...

Creating a men’s academy, helping other men shortcut the process I have been guided through along my journey. 

You see, over the last couple of years, I have taken on a research assignment. I’ve been deeply intrigued with WHAT IT ACTUALLY TAKES to become an embodied, conscious man that can lead with courage, love with total openness, manifest with powerful integrity and humbly serve humanity.

There’s these enormous world’s out there called personal development & spirituality. It is their purpose to help people reclaim who they truly are, awaken their gifts, free themselves from conditioning and become powerful creators of their lives. I’ve explored these in vast depth from many angles, being my own guinea pig throughout this endeavour, hoping not to get too lost. What I saw was that so many people can spend years and years in loops of these worlds, without really awakening and activating their true creative power and genius. I explored many of these realms and studied with many teachers, only to find myself moving on very quickly whilst others simply didn’t.

It confused me, and let me to enquire deeper.

Eventually, I took on this self-appointed mission.

To simplify, shortcut and radically upgrade the transformational process.

I saw what happened in my life in such a short time…

There was a formula to this.

So I studied what worked and what didn’t work from all these different teachers, communities, gurus and leaders, and synthesised it all with my intention to create a model for human awakening and embodied leadership.

As you can tell… I’m on a mission here. I’ve chosen not to fuck around in this lifetime, but be bold, courageous and set forth some enormous visions that I believe are possible.

I believe we can make enormous shifts on our planet.

But in order to do so, we’ve got to awaken ourselves and become powerful creators of reality.

If you’re following, below I’ve outlined the transformational process that I discovered.


Your journey starts here

You see, like all of us, I was a victim to the conditioning, ideas, values and beliefs of the world I grew up in. At 19, I was not full with my original joys, desires, understanding my gifts and purpose. I was under the impression that I had to find a suitable job, that relationships weren’t magical and I was left with my own insecurities, uncertainties and fears.

I was a result of my world, and if I hadn’t been given an opportunity to activate, I would have followed a very different path.

So, the first step of this journey is an activation of what’s possible, what you truly want and to understand that who you think you are and how you think life is, really isn’t true at all. It is simply what you’ve been told!

This activation, is what ignites our inner fire to begin the path of personal transformation and awakening.


Here’s where it starts to get interesting

The process of awakening is where you start to understand that your mind, your thoughts and emotions are not who you are. Beyond your mind is where you start to discover yourself, and the freedom that you really have.

This step is what begins to really “shake up” people’s world’s. It is where the foggy glass starts to be wiped clean, the curtain is cast opening, and a new understanding of yourself and life is ready to emerge.

As you start to understand and experience yourself beyond your constant stream of thinking, you start to FEEL something new. It’s the feeling of yourself!!

My God this is great!

You also start to see that most of the thoughts you run are like different computer programs that simply run by, but that doesn’t actually make them true!

You see that there is a choice whether to actually believe them or not.

And as you practice connecting more and more with yourself beyond your mind-self experience, you also start to connect with INTUITION and INNER GUIDANCE.

Then you start to FEEL that many of the thoughts in your head really don’t feel good. They feel heaving, draining, unfulfilling.

You start to see that you can actually generate thoughts consciously. Not by the force of WILL but by your own intuition of what feels good and true to you.

Thoughts around gratitude, self-love, enthusiasm, optimism, possibility and joy.

Of course it takes a little bit of practice, but very quickly you start to realize that these are actually your NATURAL THOUGHTS. They are what you really think, feel and believe.

So begins your practice of rewiring your internal operating system.

You're definitely going to bump up against your past conditioning, suppressed emotions and personal insecurites… and that’s totally okay! It’s part of experiencing this process of awakening.

… and you definitely don’t have to do it alone like so many others. That’s really what causes us to get stuck and fall back into our old programming.

When we do it together, we make it a lot easier, a lot faster, and a lot more fun!

During this process you’ll really come to REMEMBER the magical, unlimited possibility of life. You’ll understand the fundamentals of how reality works, you’ll start to discover your own purpose, you’ll connect with your intuition, you’ll open your heart, and you’ll directly experience the joy of being alive.


Becoming the creator of your world.

The journey of embodiment is about leading your life in a new way. It’s about consciously choosing who you want to be, how you want to be and making all that you’ve discovered through your awakening, a practical experience of life.

It’s the process of meeting your current reality, as an entirely new person.

This means:

  • Showing up in the world as a new man.
  • Holding a vision for your life and staying true to it, despite what your current circumstances tell you.
  • Following your joy and letting go of that which no longer feel aligned to who you are.
  • Boldly stepping forth in life with faith and trust.
  • Creating relationships that truly match you and what you want in life.
  • Doing the things you truly love.
  • Being adventurous, spontaneous and free.
  • Expressing your voice authentically and boldly.
  • Opening up to greater sexual freedom.

The process of embodiment is about letting life shape and mold you into who you are now ready to become. Life will become the perfect practice field for everything that you’re ready to practice.

What’s so cool about this period is that you’re now working in real time. You’ll see situations appear that serve as the perfect opportunities for. You’ll see new people start to come into your world that are more resonant with your new self, you’ll feel how things you used to do no longer feel quite as alive. What’s most cool, is that as you start giving yourself permission to become a creator of your life, you open up to what you really desire… and if you’re ready enough, you’ll follow it no matter what.

If you’re ready to be upgraded, life will help you make that happen.

And if you stay true to it life will mirror your new thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.

The challenge during this time… everything that is conditioned in you will be felt.

You can guarantee it.

Everything that you hold onto as personal insecurities, beliefs and fears will be brought straight to the surface if you’re ready to transmute beyond your old self.

Life will give you the opportunity to meet who you are in a new way, and it’s up to you to decide if you’re ready to be courageous enough to truly go with your new beliefs, perspectives and attitudes about life.

… and be sure, life really asks if you are ready to choose something new.

This may surface in many numbers of ways, but be sure, it certainly will surface.

One of the best examples in my life is when I decided to completely take on a new relationship to money. When I was in Sri Lanka at a meditation retreat, I had a direct experience of the true nature of reality, in which I saw that I am God (... and a part of God). I am the creator experiencing its own creation, and I will never not be supported by myself. There is no scarcity and there is no limitation, but as a story in my mind. At the time I was literally living on the tightest budget I could afford with averaging about $100/week during my time in Sri Lanka. I was forced to ask a new question:

“Knowing that I am free and that I cannot get it wrong, what feels most exciting & inspiring to me now?”

When I was honest with myself, it wasn’t to keep living how I was living, but instead to live far more luxurious and adventurous. I wanted to live in a way I’d never let myself live before.

So I committed to it. I put all my money on one account and said “Fuck it. I’m going to follow my heart and trust in the rest.”

I was convicted, energised and excited.

Within two days life started to give me the chance to embody this.

It began with the clear desire to go to Europe, despite having flights booked to the Phillipines. Europe was going to cost about 4x as much as life in Sri Lanka.

A day later I saw a retreat from a great teacher I simply knew I had to attend. I felt it so clearly in my body, so I went through to the booking page costing $1500 and stalled. I couldn’t press buy! This was about ¼ of my entire bank account. I never had felt so much fear in my body. It took me an entire day before I finally just did it.

In the following days, this continued… I bought a new laptop, we had to repair our car etc.

I really had to continue saying “yes, I am choosing this reality.”

You know what?

Then came the magic.

I was gifted an all expenses paid trip (in luxury) through Italy and Austria, as well as having my flights paid to Europe!!

This trip alone would have cost more than the retreat ticket I bought a few days earlier.

And this was just the beginning. I could literally write an entire book on the things that have come into my world in such incredible ways.

However to make a long story short, it was a process of months in which I embodied a new relationship to money. I was constantly confronted with my fears, nearly every day. The difference between my past self and my new self was so vast, and what I was moving into was the deepest fears in who I used to be.

But a few months later, I in a whole new world. I live in a gorgeous apartment in Prague with my girlfriend, I run a successful coaching business, I’ve made all new friends, I’m eating at my favourite restaurants, I’m sharing my message with the world and I feel a freedom that I’ve never felt before.

… and there was an “icing on the cake” moment. Right at the beginning of January 2017 after I had just come back from the retreat I booked when I was in Sri Lanka, I looked on my bank account and I had just been sent $10,000 from a family member.

You know what…

I didn’t even celebrate.

I smiled with gratitude. I knew this was a manifestation of what I had chosen to embody.

At this point, I had spent more money than ever before in my life, and I now had about twice as much in my bank account than when I started this journey in Sri Lanka.

Absolutely incredible.

Embodiment cycles continue over and over again. They are a natural process of growth. One may end, and another begins. We experience them in many aspects of life, and they all have their own special journey – a bit like it’s own movie. There’s initial excitement and a powerful choice, there’s drama and uncertainty, and there’s always celebration.

At the end of it, I always say “there’s nothing I wouldn’t have given to be where I am now”.

Just remember that life is a game and you are on your own unique hero’s journey. When it’s serious and scary, there’s a part of you that’s in absolute joy for the adventure of life.

Serving the world as an embodied man

Leadership is an initiation that one undergoes. It is not something that’s taught, it is something that emerges out of an internal readiness, and an inner knowing.

It does not happen overnight, yet the seed of the leader within is always there.

Leadership looks different for each of us, yet what I consider a true leader is someone who has undergone a deep initiation through their own life’s journey, has continued to say “yes” to the calling of their heart and is surrendered to their soul’s mission.

It’s a man who is free from ego, yet clear on who he is.

It’s a man that embodies courage, humility, surrender, authenticity and integrity.

It’s a man who knows himself as God and a human being.

It’s a man who knows the king, the warrior, the lover, the boy and the sage within himself.

It’s a man who connects openly and transparently with the world.

He’s not trying to hide, make himself better or make others wrong.

He is an eternal student of life.

In my life, leadership has happened over time. As I went deep through my own cycles of awakening and embodiment, I was naturally called into more leadership and ‘authority’. It came from within and I knew I couldn’t wait for the world to validate who I was. I was saying “yes” to my own calling.

It was scary at many times, as leadership put me in the spotlight. I became a source of projection from others, as well as a trusted source of guidance and wisdom.

Many accepted and loved me for the role I took on, others chose to step away and hold judgement.

I had to be okay with all of it, and simply honor my own integrity.

I’ve gone through many initiations in my journey of standing as an awake leader. I continue to do so. These initiations have strengthened, activated and humbled me in the deepest of ways.


Your Journey Now

Wherever you find yourself right now is the perfect place. I have no idea what is in store for you over the coming time, but I know it is great – you wouldn’t have planned it any other way.

My wish is that you are ready to say “yes” to whatever life is now calling you into.

Whether you are clear on what that is or not isn’t the question. The question is if you are ready to say yes to that calling.




I wish you the greatest courage, guidance and support in your own journey as a man.

With love,

Anthony Thompson


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